Bole…… PH’s king of Naija fast foods

Visualize if you will………Head thrown back, eyes shut in miserly appreciation of crazy sensations, lips locked firmly around sauce-covered fingers…. the only ‘audible’ sound coming from muted gasps from various corners of a suddenly quiet room, occasionally broken by sucking and slurping sounds hastily muted. In the office no less!!

Ok… that happened for real… and all that was in the office during a midday bole feast.

Office meals do get tiring and once in a while, someone births the not novel, but no-less-welcome suggestion that we spring for something from an outside caterer. In Port Harcourt, strange as it would seem, bole joints aren’t to be found at every corner and leaving your office in the middle of the day to make a journey tp and from a bole joint while running the risk of being caught in traffic for over an hour doesn’t quite scream ‘model employee’ or ‘management material’.


So when I discovered ‘Bole King’.. it was as though someone had handed me a ‘calm’ pill. I felt at peace. Like all would be well in the end.- Nkechi Anaedobe
It was a feeling I felt when I felt a feeling I’d never felt before (could this be love?). And imagine the way the Martians in my head leap for joy when I found out that Bole King does deliver!! Like, ‘WHAAAAT?”

Bole King is a fast food (Naija) joint. I’ve not been there and have no idea what the place looks like and well….i don’t need to, do I? They deliver meals to the office and/or home for a fee and it does arrive hot. I hear the joint is small and doesn’t seat many patrons at once but, hey! Its not like I care.

With menu specials like ‘stuffed bole’ and ‘baobab juice’, this is one joint that has put a spin on an everyday local meal. But enough of that. Lets get to my rating of the this, and the that.

Location: It’s somewhere in Dline. I guess that means it would be relatively easy to locate. I’ve no idea what parking availability is like though… my bad

Ambience: Shey you read where I typed ‘I’ve not been there’ Abi? OK o
Service: I spoke with the manager on a number of occasions before placing my order. He (Etiosa) is pleasant without overdoing it. The staff are less friendly but no less professional. I’ve ordered 3ce from them and only once did the order arrive significantly later than promised but it was raining cats, dogs, Martians and flat feet so…. They also have neat codes for meals on their website so you call and say something like i’d like 2 MP1s or 1 MP5 (link to their site at the end of this post)
Cost: Hmmm. That’s something to ponder upon. For two pieces of bole (whole plantains), two pieces of yam, one bottle of fresh juice, one mackerel fish, a small bowl of fiery bole sauce and a similar bowl of ugba sauce, you pay N1,400. I really think that’s not bad especially since its very neatly packaged.
Taste: so, my entire office went quiet all at once. People behaved themselves. A friend said ‘and Isaac finished eating and blessed Jacob’… people it was tasty!! The croaker fish head had spices all up inside!!!! And ugba hasn’t looked that attractive or tasted that good in ages!!!! This easily is a reference point!!! lolol

Anyway, I’ve eaten and its time to work it off. Sheesh!!! Didn’t count the calories. Drat.

SO!….for anyone coming into or currently residing in PH, here are the contact details for Bole King. Visit or call, and let’s have your opinion too. And do share the link so we get more people telling us where to go eat and share our experiences

Restaurant deets:

Bole King

No 10 Omoku Street, Dline

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