6 Things You Should Always Include on Your Resume

Some people will include their home and cell numbers, for example — but I find multiple contact choices to be confusing. Make it easy for your reader to understand how to contact you.- Mary Elizabeth Bradford

Contact information
This may seem obvious, but candidates sometimes forget to include basic information like their email address, or they bury it at the bottom. “Include your name, phone number, email, and URL to your LinkedIn profile right at the top of the page”

Keywords from the job posting
You’ll want to include (without making it look like you did a lot of copying and pasting) some keywords and phrases from the job posting. This is especially important if the employer uses a resume-scanning system.

Accomplishments and achievements
Employers need to know what you’ve done to contribute to the growth of your department, team, and company to determine whether your strengths align with the needs and responsibilities of their company and the job opening.

Your career narrative
“No matter if you are constructing a functional resume or a chronological resume, some kind of professional history is critical,” Bradford says. “But make sure your story makes for a more interesting read.”

Relevant URLs
Depending on the field or position you’re applying for, it may be useful to include links to your work (articles you’ve written, websites you’ve designed, photographs you’ve taken, etc.)

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